Small World 6-Player Board now shipping in North America

A little help from a friend won’t be too much to ask if you want to conquer the biggest Small World so far… Pair up in teams and attempt to rule the land together. Despite the growing landscape, you’ll find there still isn’t enough room to accommodate you all!

In addition to the double-sided 6-player map (Small World on one side/Underground on the other), the 6 Player Board Expansion expansion includes 4 new Popular Places and a new Righteous Relic specifically designed for team play. You’ll also find additional tokens, markers, Victory coins and the new 6-player Team rules.

Designed for 6 players fighting on either original Small World or Small World Underground, this expansion is now available from the Days of Wonder webstore and better game stores in North America. We’re still aiming for arrival in late February in Europe.

Learn more about Small World 6-Player Map expansion or order your copy today!

Note: The Small World 6-Player map is an expansion and requires a copy of Small World and/or Small World Underground to play.

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