Small World Royal Bonus expansion (+ Leaders & Necromancer Island)

As a backer reward for the Small World 2 Kickstarter program we created a new Royal Bonus Mini-expansion featuring 3 new Small World Races and 3 Special Powers.

Royal Bonus races include Fauns, Igors and a new favorite – the impregnable forest dwellers known as Shrubmen! Special Powers are Aquatic, Behemoths (don’t let them get settled in the swamps), and a magical Fireball.

We also reprinted a batch of the long out of print Necromancer Island and an improved version of Leaders of Small World (now including all the races from the Small World Universe, up to the Royal Bonus) for our backers. After fulfilling these Kickstarter rewards, we found ourselves with a few extra copies which we are making available to Small World fans. sw-special-expansions-en So while stocks last (and we mean it when we say these are limited in number), you can pick up the new Royal Bonus expansion, Necromancer Island and Leaders exclusively from the Days of Wonder website. Please, note that this offer is limited to one copy of each expansion per order.

Head to the Small World Special Expansions page to learn more or to our webstore to order them.

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5 Responses to “Small World Royal Bonus expansion (+ Leaders & Necromancer Island)”

  1. Sandra says:

    Why can’t I order the Royal Bonus?

  2. Brooks says:

    Looks like they may have already sold out.

  3. frank says:

    I hope they will make another print. Did they really sell out the first day within a few hours??? I’m gonna order the others one but would he nice to have the whole set and not have to pay shipping twice…. Can you please let me know if you find another Royal Expansion?/

  4. Sandra says:

    No there was a problem in the Eurostore, I got redirected when I clicked on Small World Royal Bonus. But they fixed it and I just ordered my copy 😀

  5. David says:

    Congrats Sandra! Yes, they must have sold out quickly. I see they have copies in the Eurostore, but I went to order two hours after they sent out the e-mail and Royal Bonus was sold out. Was lucky enough to get the other expansions though.

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