Relic Runners is on everyone’s lips

Our newest board game, Relic Runners, is now making it’s way onto store shelves and gamer’s hands around the world.  Reviewers have already begun to share their excitement over how beautiful the game pieces are AND how much fun the game play is for both experienced gamers and more casual board game players. Here’s what they are saying about this new jungle adventure game…

Relic Runners is beautiful, deep, and fun – making it easily the best game yet in Days of Wonder’s “Big Adventure” series.

Derek Thompson, MeepleTown

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Relic Runners has been well received by my gaming group and my family. Both have enjoyed it and have asked to play it again. The basic rules are easily picked up and most players should feel comfortable within the first third of their first game.

Dale Yu, Opinionated Gamers

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Great mix of strategy, planning and tactics… Days of Wonder has another winner on their hands. I could pull this out with the same people that I would pull out Ticket to Ride with.

Dice Tower Video Review

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Interesting, fun, and thoughtful game… the relics, which are absolute knockouts, as they’re multicolored and have a few painted details; some of them have embedded crystals too. Totally cool! 5+ out of 5.

Shannon Appelcline,

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Relic Runners detail game (photo by Scott King)

Relic Runners game detail (photo by Scott King)
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[Relic Runners] rewards thought and planning but doesn’t disproportionately reward experience, and doesn’t take a few suffering-filled plays before a new player can start to see the depth. At the same time, it’s friendly and accessible, and pretty much anybody can pick it up with ease and not feel like they’re drowning in a morass of rules. … This is an out-of-the-ballpark hit for me.

Drew Hicks, BoardGameGeek player review

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To learn more and see how cool the game bits are stop by your local game store, or visit the Relic Runners webpage.


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