Small World characters are shaping up nicely…

Some of your favorite characters from Philippe Keyaerts’ legendary fantasy board game have inspired incredible 3D figures. Finely sculpted and hand-painted, you will marvel at the amazing detail found in these 20 cm tall very limited-edition art figures based on Miguel Coimbra’s illustrations. Small World fans will surely want to have one… or all!


Will you fall for the exotic beauty of the Amazon; the serene dignity of the Wizard; the cowboy charm of the Skeleton; or the shy and demure Spiderine?

There’s only one way to find out… Head to the brand new “Art of Small World” page on our website for a preview of these upcoming 3D Small World figures that will debut at Essen and be available from our web store in November!


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3 Responses to “Small World characters are shaping up nicely…”

  1. Erik Uitdebroeck says:

    I’m very interested …

  2. DAC | Cazaron says:

    Any chance the full collection will be made? One for every race in the base SmallWorld?

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