Relic Runners – Available now for Pre-order!

Relic RunnersIt’s time to make a Relic Run!

Your expedition is about to start with the new Days of Wonder board game, Relic Runners. Coming in September, this large format board game takes you on a journey of jungle exploration in search of lost temples full of forgotten treasures and relics. In Relic Runners, you’ll follow trails across the jungle board map, exploring stacks of temples and ruins, ultimately hoping to uncover precious relics and earn victory points.

Relic Runners features a richly-illustrated jungle board map and beautiful Temple and Ruins tiles, plus 20 highly-detailed Sculpted Relics. For 2-5 players, ages 10+, it takes approximately 40-80 minutes to play.

Relic Runners will be available from the Days of Wonder webstore and from better game stores throughout Europe and North America in September. Join the expedition and pre-order your copy now! need more info? You can also download the rules on the website


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2 Responses to “Relic Runners – Available now for Pre-order!”

  1. Rafaël says:

    The game sounds a lot of fun. And congrats again on the components, artwork and graphic design, it all looks AMAZING. Can’t wait to pick this up at Essen!!

    A wee little remark though: at the end of the rules booklet you show the old website, you might want to update the image. Just saying 🙂

    Yay for days of wonder 😉

  2. Brett says:

    This sounds almost the exact same as “Tikal” – is it?

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