Small World 2 on Kickstarter – The Clock is Ticking…

Join our backers, and Meet the Igors before it’s too late!

Small World 2, the brand new digital version of our award-winning board game – with 3-5 player maps, asynchronous online play, the Be Not Afraid… expansion and more – is coming to the iPad and the Kindle Fire, to Android tablets and PCs running Steam, thanks to the support of the thousands of backers who’ve joined our Kickstarter campaign this past three weeks.

Don’t miss out on your chance to Meet the Igors, the newest Small World 2 race Philippe has designed specifically for this campaign, and discover all the other rewards that await you if you choose to support us on Kickstarter.

These include:

  • 3 New Races & 3 New Special Powers for the game (in digital and cardboard format)
  • A whole new 6 player cardboard Map for Small World and Small World Underground
  • A Small World Pocket Encyclopedia detailing all races & special powers from the base game and its Cursed!Grand Dames and Be Not Afraid… expansions
  • and a truly special Deluxe Designer Edition of Small World, signed by the Author, numbered and engraved with your name!

Thanks to our backers, not only did we reach our original goal, paving the way for a release of Small World 2 on Android tablets and PCs with Steam within the next 12 months; we’ve also nailed our first stretch goal, ensuring a reprint of our long-gone Leaders expansion, which we will expand to cover all Small World races released to date.

But with your help, we could do even better. We’re only a few hundred backers short of reprinting Necromancer Island! So if you’re a Small world fan, it’s time to step up, visit our Kickstarter page and get in on the Small World 2 goodies before it’s too late. You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out!


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