Replacement Mystery of the Abbey Mass Cards

In the 2012 reprint of Mystery of the Abbey, there are errors in the English language edition where the incorrect number of cards to pass at Mass is given. Each card incorrectly states you should pass 2 cards, whereas the number of cards to pass changes depending on the Mass. For the first Mass card (MATINS), you pass 1 card; for the second Mass card (LAUDS) you pass 2; then (PRIME) 3 cards; (TERCE) 4; (SEXT) 5; and 6 cards for the last 3 (NONE, VESPERS and COMPLINE).

We have reprinted new Mass cards, so if you have incorrect cards (i.e., each card says “pass 2 cards”), we’d like to send you the corrected versions for free.

To qualify for the free replacement deck program you must have a registered copy of Mystery of the Abbey  and be logged into your Days of Wonder account.

To get your free replacement Mystery of the Abbey Mass cards, click Mystery Mass Card Replacement Deck to order yours.

The (penitent) Monks at the Days of Wonder Abbey

One Response to “Replacement Mystery of the Abbey Mass Cards”

  1. Kurt says:

    Penance for your printers! All agree? Done.. No seriously thanks DoW, your games are awesome!

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