Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries – coming back again!

Originally designed only for the Scandinavian market at the request of local distribution partners, smuggled copies of Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries found such a following among Ticket to Ride enthusiasts worldwide that in the fall of 2008 we relented to public demand and released what we’d thought would be a one-time printing of English, French and German copies of the game.

This game has been out of print for a while in many places over the world… It is now available worldwide again.  You can expect to find the English language version in the Days of Wonder webstore and at game retailers in North America and Europe in the coming days/weeks.

Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries is designed specifically for 2 or 3 players, features a winter holiday theme, a vertically formatted board, tunnels, ferries and the famous 9 segment route from Murmansk to Lieksa.

Learn more on the Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries web page.

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