Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack – Available for Pre-order!

The #1 request from Memoir ’44 fans was for more figures and the new Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack delivers – filling a game box as big as the original with the largest set of figures ever released for the Memoir ’44 game system.

With 186 highly detailed plastic figures, the Equipment Pack is the definitive Memoir ’44 figure expansion and a “must-have” for fans. All these figures can be deployed over many of the existing Memoir ’44 scenarios, but you’ll also discover new scenarios in the Equipment Pack – 11 Standard, 2 Breakthrough and 4 Overlord – all designed with these new pieces in mind.

The Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack will be available from the Days of Wonder webstore and better game stores in North America in mid-August, and in Europe in September. Pre-order your copy now!

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8 Responses to “Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack – Available for Pre-order!”

  1. James says:


    When do the rules and compendium cards go online?


  2. Erik Uitdebroeck says:

    Great !

  3. Erik Uitdebroeck says:

    Great ! Thanks for publishing the rules.

  4. Erik Uitdebroeck says:

    Oh yeah ! I replied twice …

  5. John Eldon says:

    Excellent, I will be ordering 2 copies.

    (based on previous releases it’s probably better to bite the bullet now then risk not having any available in a year or so’s time!)

    Appreciate DOW and Richard Borg actually listening to the comments and suggestions from the Memoirs supporters

  6. Don Schmier says:

    Can we see the scenarios included with the equipment pack.

  7. Enrico Mariani says:

    Fantastic and great. I have read the rules and I can’t wait to do some game.

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