Small World Realms – Rules are now available for download

To help you wait for the arrival of the upcoming expansion of Small World, we just uploaded the rules on Small World Realms web page.

So? Are you still here? What are you waiting for?

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11 Responses to “Small World Realms – Rules are now available for download”

  1. Alan says:

    I don’t see any rules on the link

  2. Carlos Couto says:

    me neither…

  3. Rick Teverbaugh says:

    Nope. They vanished.

  4. JAC says:

    Nop…no rules 🙁

  5. Noixez says:

    Where are the rules??

  6. MarkoPolo says:

    Oops! Sorry, operator error, but it’s fixed now and the Realms rules are now available.

  7. blacksmoke says:

    Am I right in interpreting the contents to mean that this basically includes the tunnels expansion?

  8. Jason Hurd says:

    Looks exciting! Lots of very interesting scenarios.

    Note: Small typo on page 4: “… the later impact all races, unlike other terrain types…” should read “… the latter impact all races…”

    Question: Are peaks, then, simply mountains that require yet another token to conquer?

  9. J Swaffer says:

    I got a copy of Smallworld Realms, and save for the rules for the Rusted Throne location being explained in the scenario ‘The Rusted Throne’, there no rules for the other relics, locations or monster counters.

    Is this an oversight by not including it in the rule book or is there a rule card as found in the small world expansion sets, that is perhaps missing from my set.

    Does anyone know where theses rules can be found?

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