New Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack – largest set of figures ever!

68 years ago today, Allied forces unleashed over 150,000 men and thousands of tons of equipment along the coast of Normandy.

This year on the anniversary of D-Day, Days of Wonder announces the Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack. This is a major expansion to the Memoir ’44 game system and fills a game box as big as the original board game.

186 plastic figures in total, the Equipment Pack includes: 108 figures from 4 WWII nations, including French Infantry, Finnish Ski Troops, Italian Artillery and Polish Cavalry; 24 new pieces of Artillery (Flak-88’s, “Long Tom” Big Guns, M7 Priests and “Screaming Meemies” Nebelwerfers); new Beach Landing equipment that includes 6 amazing Hobart’s Funnies, complete with accessories; 6 Snipers; and scores of new Armor, Vehicle and Special Weapon Assets, including some Elefant Tank Destroyers, Kübelwagen Command cars, and M2 Mortars and Machine Guns.

These figures can be deployed over many of the existing Memoir ’44 scenarios and are also heavily featured in the 11 Standard, 2 Breakthrough and 4 Overlord new scenarios that come in the Equipment Pack. A Rules booklet and 25 Summary cards complement this pack.

At least one copy of the Memoir ’44 base game and many of its expansions are required to enjoy most of the included scenarios. We highly recommend that, for visual accuracy, players at minimum own the Terrain Pack and the Winter/Desert board.

The Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack expansion is expected to be available in time for Gencon and at better game stores in North America in August, and in Europe in September.

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22 Responses to “New Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack – largest set of figures ever!”

  1. Erik Uitdebroeck says:

    This is indeed very good news.
    Thank you very much, DoW-crew.

  2. Kyle says:

    Yupee! Good news on D-Day!

  3. nordiskanc says:

    Thank you for remember us Overlord players! 4 New Overlord Scenarios=Buy

  4. ColtsFan76 says:

    So the question is this. IS one copy sufficient for Overlord/Breaktrhough play, or are 2 copies needed?

    • Jesse says:

      Usually you only need one copy of any expansion for Breakthrough! Overlord is a different matter, but based on what Erik said below, it sounds like you’ll just need one copy.

  5. Andy Siviter says:

    I wonder why Elefants were picked, they were not that sucessful despite their armour (too slow and no defence against infantry), I would have though JagdPanther a better option (or Su100)

  6. Zak says:


  7. SgtStorm says:

    In the words of Mr Bean “Look at all those guns”.

  8. Derek Whaley says:

    Will the Memoir ’44 Scenario Editor receive an update to add all of these items in making maps?

  9. James says:

    I’m with ColtsFan76….

    Are two copies needed for Overlord and/or Breakthrough play?

    • Eric Hautemont says:

      No, a single copy of the Equipment Pack will be enough.

      Of course, you will need two copies of the base game (or 1 copy + 1 additional board and operation overlord) to play the Overlord games.

    • SgtStorm says:

      But if you want to play some Overlord scenarios NOT in this package, such as Tigers in the Snow, which requires 4 Tigers, then if you are compulsive, you might want another package (though you could easily think of a way to mark a 4th standard unit as a Tiger unit)

      • Jesse says:

        Well, if you’re compulsive, you might be buying two copies of this whether you need it or not, simply because it’s so cool! 🙂

  10. Dietrich von Kleist says:

    This looks jolly good!

  11. Praxeo says:

    Well done DOW!

  12. Ann says:

    Looks good, I’ll be purchasing a copy when it hits my local game store! Also agree that June 6th was a good day to launch the release.

    — Ann

  13. Paul Shabatowski says:

    Great news! More to paint, can’t wait. I think that DOW listened to the fans of this awesome system and gave us what we wanted. I am also happy that it looks like this franchise still has legs. Keep it coming DOW!

  14. Nick says:

    How much and when can I (pre) order this!??
    Looks great!
    PS I would also like to see the possibility of buying an original board from the original game without buying the whole original game, if you see what I mean?

  15. James says:

    1 – This is truly an awesome package. Thank you for creating it! Got it on preorder as fast as I could (grin).

    2 – Do you have a tentative date for when the manual will be online?

    3 – Any tentative date for when the new Summary cards will be online in the compendium?

    –or will they go live around the time the product is shipping?

    Thanks again, DoW!

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