Small World Realms – To score more, keep digging!

With the release of Small World Realms becoming imminent, it is time for us to dig into one of the most complex scenarios of this pack – A Dig Too Far. Here to shed some light on this new Underground Realm is Philippe Keyaerts, the designer of Small World.

Days of Wonder: Anything special about this scenario?
Philippe Keyaerts: This scenario is my wink to Tolkien fans worldwide. In some regions of this Realm, a few rich veins (of gold, not mithr*l) run deep underground. These veins are unfortunately protected by powerful monsters, the biggest of which will also hold and defend some Relics. At game start, these monsters don’t seem too threatening. But keep digging, and you will see their power rise. And once awaken and bullied, the big ones won’t just be happy sitting alone protecting their precious relic – they will attack!

DoW: So shouldn’t the prudent (wise?) player stop digging?
P.K.: Yes, but each Region can harbor up to 10 Victory points. There are clearly some risks worth digging for, but you’d better be prepared for a fight, not just carrying your pick and shovel around. The thing is that until you start digging that vein, no one quite knows for sure what treasure it will harbor, nor what Monsters will protect it… be careful with that Pick!

DoW: So what advice would you shovel onto the adventurers crazy enough to dig deeper?
P.K.: Monsters have no memory – once awakened, they attack anything within reach. So if you want to have fun at your fellow adventurers expense, you can dig a hole, pick up a relic, and run faster and farther than your hapless friends. But I, for one, won’t be shouldering any responsibility for the mayhem that will ensue…

DoW: Philippe, thank you for this foretaste of the scenarios that make up Realms.

The Small World Realms expansion is expected to be available in better game stores throughout Europe in June and in North America in early July. Retail price will be $35/€33.

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