Small World Realms – Crops of Power

Following our adventure to the East, let’s consider a slightly more complex scenario – The Crops of Power.

This 2-6 player scenario introduces a new rule that lets each player who ventures into these Realms use not 1, but 2 Special Powers! But let’s catch up with Philippe Keyaerts, the game designer of Small World again…

Days of Wonder: Philippe, is there anything special in The Crops of Power?
Philippe Keyaerts: Some regions hold a Special Power. These regions are impassable and can’t be occupied. But the Race occupying the most Regions surrounding it (you must control at least 5 neighboring Regions) immediately gains this Power. Of course, ownership of these Powers is likely to remain quite volatile throughout the game, with many of them hotly contested, and oscillating back and forth under the control of various players.

DoW: With such a combination of Special Powers, these Crops must be quite a bloody sight?
P.K.: Not necessarily. It all depends on the combo and races in play. But yes – if the Dragon Master, Commando and Marauding Powers crop up, the players could go quite berserk…

DoW: Any hint for the brave heros who venture forth?
P.K.: The combos dominate this Realm. The Special Powers that crop up are accessible to all, unlike the Special Power of your own Race. When you pick a new Race, make sure to look at the Special Powers on the map carefully, not just at those already paired up with a Race.

DoW: Thank you for the hints, Philippe. We will look forward to forging new ground next time, when we venture… Underground!

The Small World Realms expansion is expected to be available in better game stores throughout Europe in June and in North America in early July. Retail price will be $35/€33.

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5 Responses to “Small World Realms – Crops of Power”

  1. johan francois says:

    nice, nice, nice ……
    in a while we will be offered a box with basic tiles ‘realm-tiles’ …. hmmm i’m smelling it , i’m smelling it …. there will be a scenario-editor in a while …followed by …. “the BIG book of a SMALL world ” 🙂

  2. SgtStorm says:

    How many of the 12 scenarios can be played using only the original Small World game? I don’t own the Underworld game.

    • RGDfleet says:

      I think you’ve misunderstood. The scenarios come with, and only work with, the map tiles which are used to create user-made maps.

    • Jesse says:

      I think I know what you’re asking, Sgt Storm. So far they haven’t revealed how many scenarios will be for the base Small World game, and how many will be for the Underground version. I would guess that they can either be used for both, or they are split evenly. But that’s just a guess!

      • dbfnq says:

        Eric from DoW confirmed on BGG that eight of the scenarios work with SW only, two with SWU only, and two with SW plus SWU.

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