Ticket to Ride Comes to Mac App Store

Ticket to Ride is steaming onto the Mac app store with a new Macintosh version that includes solo, hot-seat and online game play on the classic Ticket to Ride USA map. Based on the graphics and design of the successful iPad version, this new Ticket to Ride for Mac also includes in-app purchases for all of the digital maps and game modes released on iPad: USA 1910, Europe, and Switzerland.

New Mac rail barons will be able to play online against the tens of thousands of opponents around the world who use the current Mac, PC, Linux and iPad versions of Ticket to Ride.

Ticket to Ride is available for download in the Mac app store for $9.99/€ 7.99. Also for a limited time, all in-app maps are available at a special launch price. Get Ticket to Ride for Mac today!

Note: Existing Ticket to Ride Online users can continue to use the older browser and downloadable Macintosh versions.  Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a discounted upgrade to the new Mac App Store version, as Apple’s App Store does not support such sidegrades.

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11 Responses to “Ticket to Ride Comes to Mac App Store”

  1. Landon says:

    Great news! I have loved the iPhone and iPad apps! Any plans to bring cross-platform multiplayer between iPhone, iPad, and Mac when GameCenter comes to Mac on Mountain Lion? I realize y’all were having trouble doing this since the iPhone/iPad versions are different apps, but you could always make the iPad version universal and ditch the iPhone version 🙂

  2. hobbes says:

    DROID app please!!! For small world as well!

  3. writhe82 says:

    PLEASE get this for the droid and the PC. I have a PC tablet that I would love to get this game on. PLEASE!

  4. Cab says:

    Writhe – there is a PC (personal computer) version of the game. As for Droid, as I and others have commented on, DoW has very limited resources and thus direct their resources appropriately as they see fit.

    I’m not a DoW employee nor have I worked for them and the above is what I know/believe.

  5. Jesse says:

    How different is this new Mac App from the earlier computer game that has been available for a while?

  6. Thorjin says:

    It seems as though any time someone asks if there might be a non-Apple version of a Days of Wonder software product someone other than a DoW employee replies that it won’t happen for various reasons.

    There’s nothing wrong with consumers (us) asking/wondering if a beloved product might be available for hardware other than Apple. Let DoW reply.

    • Jeff says:

      Hi Thorjin,

      The reason we keep saying that a non-Apple version won’t happen is because in the forums, DoW has said that it won’t happen. We aren’t just making this up because we’re loyal to Apple or something…Sorry to disappoint, but unless something has changed in their policy DoW will not be making an Android version.

      You guys can keep hoping though!

  7. Jeffery Hunt says:

    Android Please!! Will pay well for it.

  8. Sinba0318 says:

    why not add more maps?

  9. TorME says:

    Just to add to the list:
    Yes, an Android-version would be bought at once it was published.

  10. jdanielcook says:

    Why not create an HTML5 version? It would get you the most bang for your buck.

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