Small World Realms – New Fantasy Worlds to Conquer

The Small World Universe is about to get more crowded. Small World Realms is a big new expansion that features scores of puzzle-like geomorphic Terrain regions that are assembled into variously sized and shaped board maps.

Map designs are based on any of the dozen preset Scenarios created by the game’s designer, Philippe Keyaerts. Players can also use the various Terrain pieces to build their own custom maps and scenarios, making Realms the definitive world-building toolkit for Small World and Small World Underground fans alike.
The Small World Realms expansion is expected to be available in better game stores throughout Europe in June and in North America in early July. Retail price will be $35/€33.

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12 Responses to “Small World Realms – New Fantasy Worlds to Conquer”

  1. Mike says:

    An example of a map would be nice…?

  2. Karen says:

    Yes, what Mike said–show us more!

    • MarkoPolo says:

      We’ll share more illustrations and some of the details on the scenarios in the not-to-distant future…

  3. apollo says:

    Still waiting for additional iPad expansions please.

  4. Kyle says:

    I hope it’s not JUST map hex tiles for that price…

    • Jesse says:

      If you go to the product page, you can see a full list of what’s included in the expansion. It looks like a fun addition to the system!

  5. OP8 says:

    yes – pass & play support for more than 2 players on iPad, especially with the new iPad higher resolution screen is *much* needed! 🙂 This board expansion looks great though, look forward to more details

  6. Bryan says:

    Beyond the included terrain, there are a couple creatures pictured on the cover of races I don’t recognize: the Titan with the glowing eyes and the red demon.

  7. Oinx says:

    Look at the logos on both sides of “Realms” in this picture:
    I guess that will be the tiles maps.

  8. Bryan says:

    I take back some of my hope for new races as a part of this: The “Titan”, upon looking closer at the hi-rez cover, is just an Iron Dwarf.

  9. dbfnq says:

    The demon is the Balrog from Underground.

    Clearly someone couldn’t pass up the chance of having the Wizard and the Balrog falling down together.

  10. maeddes says:

    i so want this!

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