Zug um Zug Deutschland – an exclusive German and Austrian market version of Ticket to Ride

Asmodee GmbH,  Days of Wonder’s German distributor, announced Zug um Zug Deutschland (Ticket to Ride Germany) at the Nuremberg Toy Fair this week.
A complete, stand-alone game, Zug um Zug Deutschland is an adaptation of the same map and routes first introduced in Ticket to Ride Märklin, with a thematic change, the map now being set in turn-of-the-20th-century Germany. The game rules do not include the Merchandise and Passengers mechanisms present in Märklin.

Zug um Zug Deutschland was developed and produced specifically at Asmodee GmBH’s request for distribution in the mass market; this game will only be available in Germany and Austria. It is expected to ship during the second half of 2012 with pricing and specific availability dates to be announced later by Asmodee GmBH.
Ticket to Ride Märklin will continue to be available worldwide in English, French and German language editions.

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5 Responses to “Zug um Zug Deutschland – an exclusive German and Austrian market version of Ticket to Ride”

  1. Paul Thomas says:

    I remember something like this with Nordic Countries. So, can DOW tell us when it will be printed in the US, or should we start lining up overseas buyers ourselves?

  2. Caboose says:

    Basically asking what Paul asked above…since this also happened with Nordic.

  3. David Montgomery says:

    The thing with this game is that it is Marklin, just with less stuff. So if you want to play it, all you need to do is buy Marklin, then ignore the passenger rules.
    It does stink that it’s a limited release. You would think they would have learned with Nordic to just release it everywhere, rather than make these promises of limited release, then a limited edition print run in the US.

    It’s a curious practice, but still, good to see more ticket to ride games.

  4. mcgrath251 says:

    I’m sure this will eventually show up as part of Map Pack #3. Maybe with a France map…

  5. Justin says:

    I’m sure they have some new map packs planned. Maybe the back of one of those will be the updated german map. But yeah wait to see how different it is from the marklin version. It may be identical in terms of destinations and just be updated artwork only.

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