The Further Adventures of Nuns on a Train

In November we launched our first video commercial. Devilishly Fun featured Ticket to Ride on the iPad, and oh yeah… nuns on a train.

Well if it’s Christmas week it must be time for the sequel. This time the board game takes center stage with more nuns, more trains, and, oh yeah, a whole bunch of gotcha!

The commercial is currently playing before the previews in many movie theaters throughout the US before the new Stephen Spielberg/Peter Jackson movie, The Adventures of Tintin.Get your popcorn early and be on the lookout for Nuns on a Train – Next Stop Pittsburgh…

P.S., if you missed Devilishly Fun, you can view it on the Days of Wonder Youtube Channel, or on any Virgin America flights in the US through the end of January.


One Response to “The Further Adventures of Nuns on a Train”

  1. David says:

    Nice Nuns …but more keen to know when the Europe 1912 expansion pack will be available for ipad and or the European map for the pocket edition 🙂

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