Start Digging – Small World Tunnels are here

Small World Tunnels, the new free mini-expansion, is now available from game stores throughout North America and Europe. (Note: some stores may ask that you be a customer or make a purchase to qualify for the Tunnels expansion.) Tunnels connects the original Small World game board to Small World Underground so you can play in both worlds. Visit the Tunnels web page to learn more.

If there is no store near you, you can also order one directly from the Days of Wonder web store. The Tunnels expansion is free, but unless you also purchase another product you’ll have to pay a small shipping and handling fee.  There’s a limit of only 1 free Tunnels expansion per customer.

What are you waiting for? Start digging!

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One Response to “Start Digging – Small World Tunnels are here”

  1. Caroline K says:

    Wish they would just throw it in with Small World Underground shipments. Didn’t see that tunnels was available until after we ordered SWU (and got the C Noir for free for the holiday sale.) Guess we will have to wait until we buy something else. Sigh.

    Still, love Small World and we have all the other expansions!

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