Days of Wonder 2011 Holiday Gift – Cargo Noir

“A freighter with some interesting merchandise arrived at the docks last night… I think Angelo and the boys need to pay a little visit to our friends down at the port and make sure that Donna gets a nice Christmas present.”
– The Don

It’s an early Christmas from Days of Wonder this year! Spend $50/€50 or more in our web store between now and midnight on Tuesday, November 22nd, and treat yourself to a holiday gift – a free copy of the Cargo Noir board game.


This free bonus gift, worth $50, is a thank you for your support of Days of Wonder over the years. Whether you’re adding new games to your own collection, picking up expansions or taking care of holiday gift shopping for friends and family,  now is the moment to take advantage of this limited-time special offer.

Need a few suggestions on what to buy to qualify for your free game? For gift giving, there is no better way to introduce your friends and family to great board games than with Ticket to Ride, Small World or Memoir ‘44. If they (or you!) are already fans, pick up a few of the Small World expansions, including the new full-sized stand-alone companion – Small World Underground – and the free Tunnels expansion. There’s also Ticket to Ride 1910, Europa 1912 and the brand new Ticket to Ride Asia Map Collection!

To get your free game, select your web store below. Then, order $50/€50 or more of products and your free game will automatically be added to your order. But act now! We’ve stocked up on games, but this offer is only available from now until midnight Tuesday, November 22 while supplies of Cargo Noir last.

We will process orders as they are received, but we do expect some backlog. To make sure you get your purchase in plenty of time for Christmas, we plan to have all orders out the door no later than Dec. 7.  Also note that there are no substitutions for the free game (if you ask you may get a late night visit from Angelo and the boys!) If you already own Cargo Noir, consider gifting it to someone else.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Days of Wonder!

Select your webstore below:

The Small Print: To qualify for the free game, your order must include $50/€50 or more of Days of Wonder games or online products, not including tax and shipping costs. Web Store Discount Coupons, if you have them, can be applied to your order, but the purchase amount must still be $50/€50 or above. This offer only applies to purchases from the Days of Wonder web store from November 18-22, 2011 while supplies last. Sorry, no substitutions for free game.

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7 Responses to “Days of Wonder 2011 Holiday Gift – Cargo Noir”

  1. Phil says:


  2. Brandon says:

    For some reason I am trying to get Colosseum and Cargo Noir wont to my cart.

    • franck says:

      Did you check you don’t have a discount coupon attached to your order?
      If so you can decide to remove it from the order to benefit from the promo and keep it for later use or add another product to reach the threshold that triigers the free Cargo…

      • Jesse says:

        Or you could buy that new deck of cards for Memoir 44 you’ve been wanting…as long as your order is over $50 it should add the game!

  3. listed below are says:

    Thanks for provided this section,Thank you for sharing the data.I desire it very is very useful for me.

  4. Jared says:

    Anyway you guys will extend this offer!? I didn’t find out about it until today and I reeeeealllllly wanted to take advantage of it. Or any other offers before Christmas!?

  5. SgtStorm says:

    I received my order, which was Mystery Express, but no Cargo Noir. I now see that I misread the above post. That is, I applied a coupon and thought that Cargo Noir would be added to my order based on the total value purchased (not the total value after applying the coupon). That’s okay though…

    The funny thing is that I reread that message a couple of times and still got it wrong.

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