Facebook Friends – Ticket to Ride Asia Winners

The Facebook Friends Freebie Contest is over and 10 Days of Wonder fans have won a free copy of Ticket to Ride Asia, the new expansion to Ticket to Ride.
Congratulations to: T Isaacson, M C Kimball, M Ares, S Vega, P van Bennekom, S Banks, D Boudreau, L Johannsen, T Stewart, and R Lo! Not only will they receive Ticket to Ride Asia, but we’ll also send a copy to the Facebook friend of their choice.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Be sure to check out Ticket to Ride Asia!

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9 Responses to “Facebook Friends – Ticket to Ride Asia Winners”

  1. rick baptist says:

    Ill be your new friend! 🙂

  2. Ketty says:

    I really wanted a copy :o(

  3. Jona says:

    Wished i won 🙁

  4. Michael Tutt says:

    I’ll be someone’s friend too. ;->

  5. johan francois says:

    they know who’s the real friend 🙂

  6. Patricia jones says:

    But it’s my Birthday! Please please 🙂

  7. krisqua says:

    Congrats to the winners!

  8. Pauluszsz says:

    I won! Wow. But.. How do I get it?

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