Facebook Friends Freebie Contest – Win Ticket to Ride Asia

Want to win a free copy of Ticket to Ride Asia? How about a second copy for a friend?

Enter the Facebook Friends Freebie Contest and you’ll have a chance to win the new Ticket to Ride Asia expansion for you and a Facebook friend – just by saying you “Like” Days of Wonder!

Here’s how it works:

– Click the Like Button on the Days of Wonder Facebook Page sometime before midnight (PST) on Wednesday, Nov. 2.

– On Nov. 3 we’ll draw 10 names at random from Facebook members who “Like” Days of Wonder. Each will receive a free copy of the new Ticket to Ride Asia – Map Collection Vol. 1.

– Each winner ALSO gets to pick one of their Facebook friends who will also get a free copy of Ticket to Ride Asia!

Winners will be drawn at random, but you can increase your chance of getting a free prize by asking your Facebook friends to enter. If one of them wins, they can pick you as their Freebie Friend. They will pick you, won’t they?

And if you’ve already friended Days of Wonder, don’t worry you are still eligible to win. Visit the Days of Wonder Facebook Page to win your copy of Ticket to Ride Asia… and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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14 Responses to “Facebook Friends Freebie Contest – Win Ticket to Ride Asia”

  1. Zeng simin says:


  2. I'll Face Your Book says:

    DISLIKE. I choose not to use Facebook and do not like that so many giveaways require a FB account 🙁

  3. Anti-Bookface says:

    Dislike, I also don’t use facebook.

    Where is the alternate entry method? Isn’t that like a legal requirement or something?

    Bad call DOW.

  4. David says:

    Fair enough, I’ll trade you the right to send updates to me on Facebook for a chance to win. After all, if I lose I can just unlike you afterwards.

  5. PETER JOHNDON says:

    Great games and Memior 44

  6. Claude says:

    I’m with the “Why Facebook?” folks. I love your games and own a number of them (plus expansions) but too many companies are trying to move their marketing to social media and are forgetting that may people do not want Facebook tracking their likes and dislikes.

    I will opt out of this contest.

  7. Scott says:

    If you don’t use or like facebook, then don’t enter. It’s not like you don’t get to play the game. You just have to buy it.

    It’s certainly not a legal requirement to give an alternative to facebook.

  8. Will says:

    “Where is the alternate entry method? Isn’t that like a legal requirement or something?”

    Cry more. There’s no legal requirement to pander to technophobic Luddites.

  9. David says:

    This new version sounds good

  10. Jesse says:

    Great idea with the contest! I’ll be liking this and posting it on my Facebook wall…thanks DoW!

  11. Minnie says:

    This game looks like a lot of fun!

  12. Valentín Estrada says:

    Well do it. After buy American, European and Marklin edition it will be a great present for my collection. Good look to all

  13. PinkyMan says:

    Sheesh. Lots of FB haters. Would you rather we all payed a premium text number? Of course not, you all want something for free. Stop whinging and let DOW get some extra publicity for the great game.

  14. Wings says:

    Lol to those who don’t wanna do this through FB…please hate FB…So I have that many more chances to win.

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