New Ticket to Ride iPad 1.2 released!

So you think you’ve become something of a Ticket to Ride railroad tycoon?  In the new Ticket to Ride for iPad 1.2, you have a chance to prove it by testing your mettle against Cornelius Vanderbot Jr. – a new AI competitor whose tactics are sometimes as ruthless as a real rail baron.

In both Solo and Pass-and-Play mode, you’ll be able to choose your opponents from among a variety of AI personalities, including young Cornelius Vanderbot Jr. who’s designed specifically to provide tougher competition when playing the base US Ticket to Ride map one-on-one.

This version also adds a much-requested feature, letting you review the game board and each of the players’ tickets and bonus cards at game’s end.
We’ve also added support for Days of Wonder’s News Channel, made some compatibility improvements for the upcoming iOS 5, numerous stability improvements (mostly related to Online play), and fixed several bugs.
For more details, check out the App Store description, or simply launch the application on your iPad to get the new version. Learn more on the Ticket to Ride iPad web page.

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9 Responses to “New Ticket to Ride iPad 1.2 released!”

  1. guy47 says:

    That is great but, when are you guys going to put out an Android app? Not everyone is a Apple groupie, and the Android market is expanding fast.

  2. Blacksmoke says:

    Another vote for an android version!

  3. james says:

    heck, how about a webOS version?

  4. SgtStorm says:

    Ditto for Android as I will never buy an Apple device!

  5. Carlos says:

    I was hoping for an android version when I heard there was an app available ! Make it so please !

  6. Phyruss says:

    I just updated to the new app for iPad and iOS 5.0 only to discover all of my in game purchases are gone. Any one have this problem and what can I do to retrieve the games I bought?

  7. Naus Klomi says:

    I’m just trying to find out what the rest of the new bots do. they have cute names and all, yes, but i can’t figure out what the differences are.

  8. kosio says:

    The new AI Vanderbot Jr. is really good. He makes playing offline really fun. However how come he is not available for the other maps? I bought the Europe map but he is not available there and I feel disappointed.

    When do you expect him to be available for the extension maps?

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