When in a Tunnel, Keep Digging!


Small World fans have been clamoring for a smooth mechanism to connect Small World to the Underground so (with a little help from the Gnomes) we started drilling! The result: Small World Tunnels, a free mini expansion that connects the original Small World game board to the subterranean Small World Underground game board. Players use Caverns as tunnel entrances to jump between the two worlds as they deploy the Races and Special Powers from both games. By connecting the two worlds, this expansion also makes the Races and Special Powers from above and below ground more universally compatible.

Small World Tunnels enables 2- to 6-player games in various combinations of both game boards with a simple setup described in the rules booklet. It is recommended for experienced Small World players and you will of course need both Small World and Small World Underground to play. Small World Tunnels will debut at Essen Spiel in Germany, October 20-23, where Small World users can pick it up for free at the Days of Wonder booth. Later you’ll be able to find it at European game stores in late October and at US game stores in mid-November.


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3 Responses to “When in a Tunnel, Keep Digging!”

  1. Rafaël says:

    Fantastic 🙂 whoohoo! and the idea of the “?” seems very fun indeed.

  2. Dave says:

    Is this going to be some limited edition thing, or is this expansion going to be avaliable (in the USA) as a regular product?

  3. Wayne says:

    My local game stores don’t really carry GOOD games.. Is there a way to order the Expansion in the USA?

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