Ticket to Ride iPad 1.1 update released

Players spoke… we listened.  The new 1.1 update to Ticket to Ride for iPad is now available through the App Store and it’s filled with all kinds of improvements. Here’s the short list:

  • Pass-and-Play: You can now play alongside up to 4 of your friends with your iPad! You can even mix real players and robots. You can view the actions taken by others on their previous turn, including the specific routes they claim.
  • You can now mute voices (Go to Settings in the Mechanic’s room).
  • You can skip various animations by tapping the screen (e.g. start up, Ticket completion, end-of-game with fast-forward skip button on the side).
  • Better support for colorblind players (icons on cards and routes in zoomed mode). Buttons in Central Station now have names for easier navigation.
  • You can now set the number of players when creating an online game from the Restaurant.
  • When you choose Tickets, cities of the currently selected Tickets are highlighted in blue for easier planning before confirming your choices.
  • Just-in-time log in: to avoid problems for players with poor Wi-fi connections, Ticket to Ride now logs on to the Days of Wonder server only at the last moment, and only when necessary. We also added an automatic quick recovery in case of connection loss.
  • Several crashing bugs have been fixed and there are also a variety of user interface usability improvements.

For a more detailed list, check out the App Store description:  or simply launch the application on your iPad to get the new version.

Learn more on the Ticket to Ride for iPad web page.

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3 Responses to “Ticket to Ride iPad 1.1 update released”

  1. CP says:

    Awesome update. Love the blue dots to see the route destinations! Also love the fast forwarding at the score page…one suggestion, is there any way on the final score screen (provided you have fast forwarded through, and not watched) to add an icon to the bot/player that has won any bonuses?

    Great Game…one of the top 2 I play on the iPad…Love It

  2. Gunther Christiaens says:


    Is it possible to translate it to other languages?
    I haven’t bought it yet, because i heard it’s not in Dutch.

    If needed, I could translate it to Dutch.


  3. bradb46 says:

    I agree with CP. Everything is great. Wonderful update. I, too, would like to see a conclusion screen when I fast-forward. Maybe one like the computer version has, with all tickets and a break down of the scores…
    Also, this would take some work, but passnplay could take a page from scrabble on the ipad. I can imagine having the ipad on the table connected to a network, and 5 players with iPhones/iPod touches also connected to same network. Their small screens would display their tickets and train cards, the cards showing (with the draw stack too), and a portal to send cards to the ipad… You take you turn completely on your device, unless you purchase a route…

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