Audie Murphy’s Campaign – 8 new official Memoir ’44 scenarios!

As many of you noticed, we have been focused on Memoir ’44 Online recently, working hard to release the 1.0 version of the game on June 6 to coincide (and commemorate) the landings of D-Day. However, this doesn’t mean that we have forgotten those who prefer playing on their real game board at home with parents or friends…

Today, June 20, is the anniversary of Audie Murphy’s birthday , known as Audie Murphy Day in his home state of Texas. Audie Murphy was a brilliant US soldier who fought from Sicily to Germany during WWII, and became the most decorated US soldier of the war. At the end of WWII, he was only 20 and already received 38 medals, including the Medal of Honor and the Legion of Merit, plus French and Belgian decorations. His autobiographical account of his war experiences, “To Hell and Back”, as well as his rise to fame as an American movie star, cemented his position as an American hero and icon.

We invite you to relive the fierce battles that he fought as a member of the 3rd US Infantry Division, from the beaches of Sicily to the snow forests of Germany, with Audie Murphy’s Campaign, created by Jacques “jdrommel” David, one of the most important contributors of the Memoir ’44 community with more than 200 original scenarios. We warmly thank Jacques for his exceptional work on this official campaign, dedicated to all of the soldiers who did their duty on the front, and  managed to go “To Hell and Back”.

You can download the campaign from the Campaigns section of the Memoir ’44 Website. Here are the direct links to the 8 new official scenarios:

Enjoy !

The Command Staff at Days of Wonder

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6 Responses to “Audie Murphy’s Campaign – 8 new official Memoir ’44 scenarios!”

  1. Sgt Storm says:

    Wow, this is really great! I can’t wait to play this campaign while re-watching the movie.

    • Jesse says:

      Which movie is that?

      • Kit Anderson says:

        The movie was based on his autobiography. It too is called, “To Hell and back”. It is pretty good and paints a pretty realistic picture of WWII combat. Many of his co-stars in the movie get killed and the end of a movie rightfully salutes all those who did not return.

      • Sgt Storm says:

        Yep, that’s it, “Too Hell and Back”. It’s been a while since I saw the movie, but as I recall it was pretty good. It’s interesting seeing Audie Murphy play himself.

        Not available for instant view on NetFlix though. Bummer.

  2. Krisz says:

    When can we play this game on iPad?

  3. Chris Swancara says:

    Awesome! The kids at the daycare will enjoy these!!! Bet money none of them know who Audie Murphy is.

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