Small World Underground Contest – the Winners

The winning races in the Small World Underground Dig Yourself Out of a Hole Contest on were announced earlier today.  With over 4500 BGG members voting, the 3 most popular races were:





Winning Race – DROW with 4850 votes








2nd Place Race – FLAMES with 4266 votes








3rd Place Race – GNOMES with 2684 votes





The first 10 entrants who successfully predicted the three favorite races in the correct order are: Sederick, ins3kT, cyberkev63, rxp4me, cdubreuilfr, JackIndeed, el_co, RaveAir, Eeeville, and gavr0che. Each of them will receive a free copy of the Small World Underground board game when it is released. Congratulations!

Everyone who voted is eligible to receive a free DROW bumper sticker from local retailers or via mail once they become available. Entrants will be sent an email with details on how to get the stickers in early July.  Thanks to all who voted!

2 Responses to “Small World Underground Contest – the Winners”

  1. Gibb says:

    Oh man, I was so close. I voted for Flames, Drow, then Gnomes. >___<

    Ah well, I'll be picking up Underworld when it's released, as I'm quickly becoming a big fan of Small World (just picked up the original a couple weeks ago).

  2. Amaterasu65 says:

    Woot! EXACTLY what I voted!
    Too bad there were so many people before me… T_T

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