This is NOT your typical Online Poker table

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13 Responses to “This is NOT your typical Online Poker table”

  1. Zak says:

    TTR iPad online!

  2. Kb says:

    Great stuff! How do i choose a online game? I want to play with someone i actually know.

  3. Kb says:

    Oh, and s the online game on ipad from the same as the one on web? I.e. Can i play with someone on a regular computer?

  4. Eric says:

    yes, you can play against people who are on computers (mac, windows or linux). To play against some specific people, go in the Restaurant (inside Central Station)

  5. Kb says:

    Ah! Thanks, Erik. Didnt see the resrtaurant there. Thanks. This is a beauty! Memoire on iPad next?

  6. PaulW says:

    This needs to be iOS universal! They would make a lot more money…

    I need to be able to play this on my iPhone. If I can play Carcassone comfortably there isn’t any reason I shouldn’t be able to play this with the right design…

    • Geekboy says:

      Actually, there is a reason this can’t really run on the smaller iOS devices – processing power. There is a huge gap between both the CPU and (especially) the graphics engine from the handhelds to the iPad. So many features would have to be jettisoned or rethought for the “small” version that it would be easier for them to offer a second stripped-down version than to try and maintain a universal binary with that many differences between the two “faces”

      Carcassonne is great, but has nowhere near the overhead and demands of this game. Just be glad they DO have it and cross your fingers for a midget version somewhere down the road.

  7. Jesse J. Anderson says:

    Actually, the iPhone 4 is more powerful than the iPad – the iPhone 3GS is about equal to the iPad in processing and memory.

    However, this game would not work very well on an iPhone simply because of the much smaller screen size. The iPad feels just about right, though actually a bit on the small size – sometimes it’s almost difficult to select the right track (in tight city locations) and it’s even a little bit hard to read the cards in the Switzerland expansion (due to the font and size of text).

    These aren’t complaints at all – but the game would just be so cumbersome to use for the iPhone I can totally understand why they did not make this universal (and likely never will).

    Some games just weren’t meant to work on a phone.

  8. Jesse J. Anderson says:

    Also – another request for Memoir ’44 on iPad. This is the game I’ve wanted since the iPad first came out (and after becoming addicted to M’44 Online).

    I loved Small World and now this – but where’s my M’44?!?! 😉

  9. Mikey says:

    What about “Ticket to Ride” on Android 3? I really don’t want to have to buy an iPad 😉

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