When in a Hole, Keep Digging!

Welcome to the Underground! Small World Underground is a new stand-alone game set beneath the surface of the same fun, light-hearted Small World universe of epic conquests and fallen empires. Designed by original Small World author, Philippe Keyaerts, it features all new Races and Special Powers, and introduces Monster occupied regions that protect Relics and Places of great power! Small World Underground includes all new subterranean maps featuring new terrain types and geographical challenges.

While Small World Underground is a complete game that can be played on its own, you can also combine the game with many Small World game elements from the original version or expansions. Experienced Small World players will find that venturing beneath the surface makes the game more tactical than ever!

Small World Underground is for 2-5 players and will be available in Europe in June and in North America in July at a retail price of €45 or $50.

Learn more at the Small World Underground web page.

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14 Responses to “When in a Hole, Keep Digging!”

  1. Rafaël says:

    AAAAAaaaah I can’t wait for this one! IT looks amazing. AND it’ll be out just in time for my birthday 😉 Yay days of wonder!

  2. Lord Nibbler says:

    Big box 😀

    Did you design the insert to have room for the upcoming expansions?

    • Eric Hautemont says:

      The insert will be chockfull just fitting in the pieces that come with the game.

  3. Josh says:

    This is great! I like the box art a lot too.

    I’m really glad DoW is doing stand alone smallworld games instead of continually adding new races and special powers to the existing game. Excellent work

    • nomad says:

      nobody will buy underground if he had original SW

      • Barliman says:

        That is not correct. I will, and so will many others. I suspect a majority of the initial buyers will be owners of the original.

      • oranged says:

        I think, you aren’t right. I have base game and all expansions and already want to buy Underground.

      • Jesse says:

        I have several friends who will get this!! They’ll probably even pre-order it to enjoy during the summer. I think DoW will have no problem with people wanting this game as well as the original!

      • Gustav says:

        I sure will.

    • jetleets says:

      I will buy it too!

  4. Jordan S. says:

    As someone who’s managed, rightly or most likely wrongly, to put off getting the vanilla Small World for themselves, I’m not ecstatic about them moving onto variants as now I’ll have to choose between them (and wonder if they’ll be any more down the road). I mean, I like mushroom people, but I also like elves. But which do I like better? Naturally, there’s only one way to decide and it necessitates having both of them…

  5. Zak says:

    wow, looks cool, great work!

  6. John says:

    If you enjoy playing smallworld then i’m quite sure you will enjoy the new version just as much.

    I like the idea that there appears to be some new features and ideas to the game play so that it is not just a carbon copy of the original.
    (Monster occupied regions and protected relics!)

  7. JasonJ says:

    The real question is just how well does it work with the original and expansions?

    If it’s as simple as plugging the new races and abilities (and other new stuff) into the old game, or vice-versa, then why doesn’t all the advertising say so? Clearly, I mean, with no ambiguity.

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