Memoir ’44 Online Beta – Call for Volunteers

Training exercises have begun… Over a thousand cadets have already landed on the shores of Memoir ’44 Online.  Operation Open Beta is your chance to join them.

Do you have what it takes to test the new multiplayer online version of the award-winning Memoir ’44 board game? If you are ready to relive the most famous battles of World War II with Memoir ’44 Online, join our band of brothers.

Before you enroll make sure to read the Memoir ’44 Online FAQ to get the complete briefing on Operation Open Beta. Then proceed to our enrollment center and download the appropriate version of the Memoir ’44 Online software.

All you need to get started is a Days of Wonder Online account with a VALID e-mail address (if you don’t have an account you’ll get a chance to register) so we can send you your Military ID, initial purse of Gold Ingots and your marching orders.

Your Orders:

– The Memoir ’44 High Command at Days of Wonder Headquarters

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3 Responses to “Memoir ’44 Online Beta – Call for Volunteers”

  1. Pedro Farinha says:

    – i was writting my battle review but there was no where to accept it. I saw a green tick which i pressed, but there wans’t one for my opponents review.

    – we spoke about it but no one had it to accept the other ones so we had to leave no accepting each others review.

    – I also used Barraga card, but didn’t know when to use it so i passed the round not using it!!

  2. Winter Storm says:

    What are the system requistes of the game?

  3. chris says:

    Tried to play 3 games computer keeps hanging up, Every time I try to issue an order the unit goes blue but I cant drag and drop them anywhere

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