Be Not Afraid… the case of the missing Catapult

The bad news… Because of a production error the Catapult token was accidentally left out when the Be Not Afraid… expansion for Small World was manufactured. The good news… We caught the error and are rushing the missing tokens from our manufacturer so they will be available from all the game stores worldwide when Be Not Afraid… goes on sale.

Even better news… Because the missing Catapult had to be printed separately, we took this opportunity to add 5 Leaders tokens for the new races in Be Not Afraid… Due to lack of space on the original Be Not Afraid punchboards, these tokens were not originally planned to be included. But since we goofed up and had to print a new mini punch board anyway, we figured we ought to make it right for Small World fans worldwide. And you will now get this extra bonus because of our mistake!

Your game store will have a small punchboard containing the Catapult token and 5 Leader tokens to include when you purchase the expansion from them. And those of you who pre-order from the Days of Wonder webstore will see an item automatically added to your order for the “Catapult Punchboard”. Don’t worry there is no extra charge. This is just to make sure that you get the tokens when we ship you your copy of Be Not Afraid…

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11 Responses to “Be Not Afraid… the case of the missing Catapult”

  1. Bruno says:

    Great to see DOW make a mistake right so quickly and give a little extra for the fans while doing so! Keep it up!

    Will this small punchboard be available at Essen as well?

  2. Michael Ormesher says:

    I am so stoked by this news. I was slightly disappointed at the lack of leaders with the Be Not Afraid expansion but now am really happy to see DoW supporting this further.

    Really looking forward to picking up these, along with Necromancers Island and Be Not Afraid, on my first trip to Essen.

  3. Josh says:

    Nice save. Just another reason why DoW is my favorite board game company.

  4. JHG Hendriks says:

    Good customer service like this makes you one of the best gaming companies I know.

  5. Sgt Storm says:

    Please keep making mistakes, if they are going to end up like this.

  6. Adrien says:

    We’ll make everything we can to have the catapult punchboard in Essen.

  7. Kasper says:

    Are the leaders for the races added in the Grand Dames of Small World and the Cursed! expansions included in the original Leaders of Small World expansion?

  8. Kasper says:

    Strike that question – did a 2 minute research and found out for myself 🙂

  9. Edward says:

    Amazing games with great themes and artwork, wonderful customer service, and announcements like this create the best board game company in the world and very happy customers. Nice work, DoW!

  10. Jacques says:

    I have ordered two copies of this expansion through a local retailer in South Africa who placed the pre-order with Diamond. Will Diamond supply the extra punchboard to the retailer?
    (What about the Necromancer expansion, will Diamond supply it as well?)

  11. Jack says:

    I just recently got into boardgaming and I already know you guys are the best! Keep up the good work!

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