Memoir ’44: Relive the Battle of the Bulge!

To the German Commander: NUTS! – A.C. McAuliffe, Commanding.

Here comes Winter Wars – The Ardennes Offensive, a new expansion for the Memoir ’44 Game System that highlights the last major German offensive on the western front during the bitterly cold December of 1944.


Packing a big punch, the Winter Wars expansion includes: 88 Winter terrain tiles; 20 Winter Combat cards; and most significantly in terms of game play – 80 new Command cards designed specifically for Breakthrough battles. This expansion also introduces new Winter Combat rules and new Troop badges representing the all new Tank Destroyer and Heavy Anti-Tank Gun units, and late war versions of an Anti-Tank Gun, Mortar and Machine Gun.

These will all be critical to fighting the ten scenarios contained in Winter Wars, all focused on those crucial two weeks in December 1944 in the Ardennes. The first six scenarios included are standard scenarios, playable with a single base game and this expansion. Deployment on a Winter/Desert board, while optional, creates a more accurate visual effect. The other four scenarios are gigantic Breakthrough renditions of the Battle of the Bulge. These scenarios will also require a single copy of the already released Eastern Front expansion and Breakthrough Kit board maps.

Winter Wars – The Ardennes Offensive will be released in English and French language editions with a price of $30/€28. It’s expected to be available in game stores worldwide in early November.

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27 Responses to “Memoir ’44: Relive the Battle of the Bulge!”

  1. Josh says:

    This is just too sweet. I wasn’t expecting this at all. Every thing in this expansion sounds fantastic.
    I’m glad that DoW is going to use their combat card idea for new expansions.
    But I’m most excited to see the new command cards specifically designed for breakthrough scenarios. Breakthrough is going to become even more fun to play with these (I know we don’t know anything about these cards but I trust DoW and Richard Borg to make an awesome product that enhances gameplay. They have yet to let me down).
    It’s a good time to play DoW games. With Be Not Afraid, Necromancer Island and Winter Wars-the Ardennes Offensive coming out so soon it’s going to be a great end of the year.

  2. StevenE says:

    Great news!!!

    No images of the miniatures?

    • Eric says:

      There are no miniatures. As you will see if you purchase the box, there is no space whatsoever for anything as the box is already packed with 100+ cards and as much punch boards as came in the Terrain Pack.

      • Josh says:

        Really? bummer from the description I’d thought there would be models for the mortar, anti-tank gun and machine gun.

        Oh well still looking forward to what seems to be an awesome expansion.

        • longbearder says:

          I like punch tokens much more than plastic antitank guns for example:)
          I don’t use them at all. Tokens looks great and very suitable for a game.

  3. Wout says:

    Great news !! A ‘close to home’ expansion !
    greetings from Belgium

  4. Geoff H says:

    This looks great!

    However, I just preordered Be Not Afraid yesterday. Is there anyway to add this to my preorder?


    • Eric says:

      Yes, this should be feasible. Contact customerservice (at) or call us and explain to whoever you talk to that you’d like to add an item to your order.

      • Fa says:

        Same here, Italy! Just sent a request to add this item…

        • Fa says:

          Dear Mr. Eric, I emailed the cutomer service (from Italy) but the answer was not positive. My order is still in process (it includes Nercomancer, Don’t be afraid and M44 Disaster at Dieppe) and will be shipped in late october. So whay don’t allow me to add Winter Wars? Thank you for your comprehension!

  5. Erik Uitdebroeck says:

    This is just great. Thank you people at DoW for the effort. “Salukes” from Belgium.

  6. Jesse says:

    Wow…that’s all I can say.

  7. johnhe0414 says:

    Again…can’t wait to get this!

  8. JTQuest says:

    Add it to the store, I’m ready to pre-order!

  9. monkey says:

    миньки давай, а не картон! ((:

  10. JHG Hendriks says:

    Hmm. The ” Winter Wars – ” prefix makes me wonder if a Finnish Winter War will be published too.

  11. Don says:

    Where’s the link to pre-order my two copies?

  12. Dimi says:

    This looks great. Hope it will be available at Spiel Essen.
    Greetings from Belgium!

  13. Angelo says:


  14. Lord Nibbler says:

    Looks soooooooo sweet.

  15. Karl Fritz says:

    Are two copies needed for Overlord?

    • Eric says:

      Yes, two copies of the base game and Eastern front would be needed if you want to play the Overlord scenario (which will be released online, it is not part of the expansion per se) with all the pieces exactly as designed (ie all the correct winter tiles, figures, etc..). But even if you don’t have all this, the scenario should be playable with some replacement tiles and figures.

      Then again if you get 8 players together, then likely one of them will also have a base game and Eastern Front he could bring to the party.

  16. Ron says:

    Great, I’ve always loved “Battle of the Bulge” scenarios and I have several myself! I’m looking forward to it!

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