Announcing Necromancer Island – a Free Small World scenario

Welcome to Necromancer Island, a free Small World expansion where one player takes on the role of the dreaded Necromancer who inhabits an island in the center of Small World’s central Lake region.The Necromancer captures the souls of all Race tokens lost to conquests, using them to spawn Ghosts who invade surrounding regions. His Powers grow as his reach across the land increases. To win, the Necromancer must bring all of his Ghosts into play before the game’s end. The remaining players must not only contain him, but also continue to conquer lands and earn victory coins in an effort to defeat each other and claim victory over Small World. This small scenario includes: the Necromancer Island and Well of Souls game pieces; 14 Ghost tokens; and rules in English, French and German. It plays with up to 6 players.

As a thank you for the incredible response given to Small World since its launch, Days of Wonder is giving away the Necromancer Island scenario as a free holiday gift to Small World fans!  Beginning in mid-November, game stores around the world will have free copies of Necromancer Island available for Small World fans. Visitors to the Days of Wonder booth at both Essen Spiel in October; or BoardGameGeek.CON in November will also be able to pick one up. In addition a copy of Necromancer Island will automatically be added to any pre-orders for the Be Not Afraid… expansion in the Days of Wonder webstore.

Necromancer Island is a limited-edition printing and this offer is available only while supplies last so make plans to visit your local game store in November to pick up yours. Learn more on the Necromancer Island web page.


This post is also available in: French, German

10 Responses to “Announcing Necromancer Island – a Free Small World scenario”

  1. Senseless says:

    Free expansion!
    Will this be available in Spain or only in the US?

  2. Paul B. says:


    We’ve tried incorporating a 6th player by placing the 4 and 2 boards together – they don’t line up well so it’s not too elegant. This is a creative solution that sounds like it will add depth and excitement to the game. Can’t wait ~

  3. Marc says:

    When will “Be Not Afraid” be available for pre-order?

  4. Gustav says:

    Sweet. Very very sweet. Thanks in advance!

  5. Josh says:

    wow this is awesome.
    I hope DoW has plans on releasing several smallworld scenarios.

  6. Zak says:

    possible for Ipad?

  7. Adam Poots says:

    I really want to make sure I don’t miss this!

  8. Lord Nibbler says:

    My Essen wishlist is SW and M44 all over 😀

  9. Mr Dieter Roth says:

    Can I join your team of translators (ENG > GER)? I like what I see here, and I am reliable, hard-working and very resilient.
    About my profile, you may check:

    Kind regards,
    D i e t e r R o t h

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