Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries now available again

It’s time to get your tickets for your Nordic adventure. Unavailable for nearly two years, Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries is now in stores once again in the US and Canada; as well as in Europe in English, French and German language versions.

Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries is designed specifically for 2 or 3 players, features a vertically formatted board, tunnels, ferries and the famous 9 segment route from Murmansk to Lieksa. You can learn more about this fun and challenging version on the Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries web page.

With the wintry holiday theme, Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries would be a fantastic Christmas gift for family, friends, or even yourself! You can find it in the Days of Wonder web store and at better game retailers throughout the world. To find a store near you, visit the Days of Wonder Store Locator.

3 Responses to “Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries now available again”

  1. johny says:


    is there any difference what this new one and the ones that already brought out/sold

    so yes what in ; color schemes/cards/board

  2. Barry L. Camp says:

    This was actually the first TTR game I bought, and it’s always brought back great memories for me as I had the great pleasure of having spent a year in Sweden as an university exchange student. I was fortunate to be able to visit many of the places on this map and had a wonderful time everywhere I went. 🙂

  3. BenM says:

    I hope to see card packs soon too! It’s great that now I can suggest to my friends that they get this game!

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