Small World for iPad 1.1 – Now even more crowded!

While the world may be getting smaller, the features for Small World for iPad players continue to expand. Today we are announcing the availability of the first two expansions, Cursed! and Grand Dames of Small World for Small World for iPad version 1.1. Both expansions can be added as in-app purchases.



Put a Curse on your (Small) World

The Cursed! expansion adds 2 new races (Kobolds and Goblins) and 5 new special powers (Cursed, Hordes of, Marauding, Ransacking and Were-) to your games.

Add a Feminine touch to the (Small) World

Grand Dames of Small World adds 3 new races (Gypsies, Priestesses and the ghostly White Ladies) and 2 new special powers (Historian and Peace-loving) to your games.

To add either expansion, simply update Small World for iPad from the App store. Once you launch the game you can then purchase them directly from within the application. The price for each expansion is only $1.99/€1.59.

Learn more about the new expansions and additional new features in version 1.1 in the Small World for iPad App-store page.


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6 Responses to “Small World for iPad 1.1 – Now even more crowded!”

  1. Johnny says:

    Would love to see an Android version.

  2. Dave Prosser says:

    Need an iPhone 4 version, with the lovely Retina display this would be grand!

  3. William M. Reed says:

    LOL! The sorcerer with the iBall and headphones! Awesome! Totally surprised me!

  4. Brandon says:

    How in earth do the Gypsies work? Please help!

    • franck says:

      At the beginning of your turn, all your race tokens except for one per area are returned to your reserve. To abandon a region, you simply need to drag and drop the last token to your reserve spot. It works for all races, not only the gypsies. The only difference with gypsies is that a victory coin token appears in the region to show you that you cannot take it back this turn… Abandoning areas only works before your first conquest. As soon as you try conquering a new territory, you can’t abandon another one…

  5. Francesco says:

    Fantastic…do the others for iPad………..!!!!

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