Small World for iPad 1.0 introduces new solo play mode

With it’s debut on April 3rd, Small World became one of the first interactive board games created specifically for the Apple iPad. This new digital version of Small World is finding as many fans as the original board game. While tens of thousands of iPad owners have embraced Small World, the most frequent request from players was to add a solo play mode so they could enjoy playing Small World for iPad even more often.

Today we’re announcing an even more addictive version of the game – Small World for iPad 1.0. Players can now play whenever they want face-to-face against a friend or – in the new solo mode against the game’s built-in artificial intelligence. This major upgrade is available free to players who have already purchased Small World for iPad and is available to new players for $6.99.

To learn more about the game visit the Small World for iPad web page.

Or purchase the game from the Small World page in the App Store.

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4 Responses to “Small World for iPad 1.0 introduces new solo play mode”

  1. WMReed says:

    Just finished my first Solo Game! Thanks DoW! These kinds of continuous updates (for free) are why I continue to support and buy DoW games.


  2. Saberj says:

    Is there for sure going to be updates allowing more players in the future?

  3. Eric says:

    Nothing is for sure yet.

  4. Britton says:

    When can we expect a Ticket to Ride app?

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