And the World Champion is…

After a very long day of intense gaming, the final just finished and Patrick Deckers is the first Ticket to Ride World Champion.

He wins a trip for two on the Orient-Express.

After 3 Qualifying Rounds, he defeated Pere Garriga Solé in the semi-finals and Ian Andrew Vincent in final.

You can read the different scores on the Event’s forum.

Thank you to our 8 champions for their commitment and the good atmosphere.

We also wish to thank

  • the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux and mayor
  • the Musée Français de la carte à jouer and its team
  • Tric Trac, Mr Phal, Vincent, Node et Malek for the live broadcasting of the Event on the Internet (and you could even choose your table…)
  • Jérôme and Nicolas, our international referees
  • Henning Kröpke for the comments in the forum
  • our partners for the national championships
    • Asmodee for France, Germany and Bénélux
    • Esdevium for England
    • Edge for Spain
    • Alan R. Moon, the Gathering of Friends and the network of partner shopsfor the USA
    • Rebel for Poland

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2 Responses to “And the World Champion is…”

  1. Jesse says:

    Congratulations to Patrick Deckers!! Enjoy the train ride and the prestige that comes with being the first World Champion ever for Ticket to Ride.

    It was very fun to be able to watch the championship live online, so nice work DoW and Tric Trac for that feature being available. It was a very well planned event and was fun to watch and follow over the last months!

  2. Caboose says:

    sure glad i didn’t make it there..since if I did, I would have had to bow out since my asthma has been through the roof (been acting up since late March..and doesn’t help that I need new meds which wouldn’t have come till next weekend). And would have been real maybe a blessing in disguise..and as always, there is always NEXT year!! 🙂

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