June 19 in Paris: The Ticket to Ride World Championship

Ticket to Ride World Championship

This is it! The 8 finalists who will compete in the first ever Ticket to Ride World Championship have now been determined. Soon they will all be on their way to Paris.

On Saturday June 19th, the le Musée de la Carte à Jouer (Card Game Museum) at Issy-les-Moulineaux, will host the inaugural Ticket to Ride World Championship. The 8 national champions will fiercely compete on the various Ticket to Ride maps to claim the title and win the grand prize – a fabulous journey on the Orient Express.

The 8 players are:

Eric Miller, who won the North American championship on April the 10th in Columbus, OH

Jay Fox, the North American runner-up

Krystian Romanowski, Polish champion on April the 17th in Gdansk

Rémi Bec, French champion on April the 25th in Toulouse

Pere Garriga Solé, Spanish champion on May the 15th in Madrid

Jürgen Grauer, German champion on May the 15th in Herne

Patrick Deckers, Benelux champion on May the 29th in Bruxelles

Ian Andrew Vincent, UK champion on June the 5th in Birmingham

Congratulation to all of the finalists for getting this far. We’re sure they are in the midst of intensive training to prepare themselves for the Ticket to Ride Championship.

As they will all want your support on the day of the championship, we will soon announce a surprise that will allow you to follow your favorites during the event!

Spanish Ticket to Ride Championship

Spanish Champion, Pere Garriga Solé (in black, center),
along with other finalists from the Spanish Championships in Madrid

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2 Responses to “June 19 in Paris: The Ticket to Ride World Championship”

  1. Liga says:

    good luck to all the finalist … I hope the next year also Italy will be included in the Championship and the Italian Champion could attend the final and run for the World Championship.

    good play!

  2. Javi Valle says:

    Ánimo Pere!!!! quiero poder decir que el campeón del mundo me noqueó en un Plís-Plás!!!

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