Advance peek at Memoir ’44 Breakthrough maps…

We received the first advance production copies of the Memoir ’44 Breakthrough maps here in the US office and couldn’t resist posting a photo…

or two.

They are massive!

11 Responses to “Advance peek at Memoir ’44 Breakthrough maps…”

  1. Zac says:

    The images appear to not be publicly available from the server they are stored on

  2. Mark says:

    Should be fixed now…

  3. Barry says:

    Oh, my…

  4. Joe says:

    Nice! This is on my GenCon Buy list

  5. Jesse Rasmussen says:

    Wow!!! I think I have board envy! That is a truly impressive expansion, thanks for sharing pictures of it.

  6. Ulf Bengtsson says:

    Love it! … Now how will I fit this into my campaign bag?… I guess I have to buy a second bag. 😛

  7. Jim O'Neill says:

    Well, I’ve pre-ordered TWO and can’t wait to get my hands on them. OVERLORD-BREAKTHROUGH will be the next big thing. Remember, you heard it here first!

    Seriously though, they look great.


  8. Jesse Rasmussen says:

    Jim – Overlord Breakthrough will certainly be big!!! 🙂

  9. Stig Morten says:

    Overlrod-Breakthrough was big the time I tried it.
    Needs a lot of untis to be interesting thoughout the battle.
    Image of the map on my userpage.
    profile name ad79.

  10. Stig Morten says:


    What battle do you plan to do as Overlord-Breakthrough?

    I did a hasty version of prokorovkha in OB format, but I didn’t put in enough units.
    The battle was pretty even and tense till about halfway thorugh, when the Russian gained the upper hand and then steamrolled the germans for the late stage of the scenario. Had there been more units on the map, the germans could have fought back better in the later stages.

    Stig Morten

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