The “littlest” Memoir ’44 video review

Think your kids (or nieces and nephews) are too young to have fun playing “grown-up” board games? You might be surprised. Games with Hayden features this young video reviewer who plays Memoir ’44 with his dad.

(Spoiler Alert: Hayden likes it!)

3 Responses to “The “littlest” Memoir ’44 video review”

  1. Mark Teeter says:

    I love this kid 😉 visit for more reviews!

  2. Jean Ryland says:

    Such an impressive job done for a kindergartener!! You go, Hayden!!

  3. Jesse Rasmussen says:

    Hey Mark,

    Since you posted the one over on BGG, are you related to Hayden? Maybe the labor behind the project?

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