Memoir ’44 Vercors Campaign – Free!

West of the Dauphiné Alps, the Vercors Plateau forms a 3,000 feet high natural fortress with limited access to the outside world. Following the invasion of France’s Zone Libre by German and Italian armies, elements of the now disbanded Army of the Armistice found in Vercors the perfect base of operations from which to continue harassing the German occupier and its despised ally, the French Milice…

So begins the background to the Vercors Campaign – five new scenarios created by Jacques “jdrommel” David that highlight the heroic Maquisards of the French Resistance and their battle against overwhelming SS forces on the Vercors Plateau in the summer of 1944. As with all Memoir ’44 Campaigns, victory is earned over multiple battles with the outcome of each scenario determining the circumstances of the next.

While supplies last, this full-color, mini-expansion will be given away free at participating hobby game retailers or to customers who purchase any Memoir ’44 product the Days of Wonder online web store.

The Vercors Campaign will automatically be included in any order from the Days of Wonder web store that includes a Memoir ’44 product. This also includes any pre-orders for the new Sword of Stalingrad expansion expected to ship December 1 (so if you’ve already placed a pre-order, don’t worry it’ll get added automatically!). Expect the Vercors Campaign in retail stores in North America and Europe beginning in mid November. In Europe, both French and English versions will be available; In North America, only English will be available from the web store, but retailers in Quebec will have copies of the French version. You can order Memoir ’44 products from the Days of Wonder Webstore.

A copy of the base Memoir ’44 game, its Terrain Pack expansion (for some scenarios only) and the Campaign Book Vol.1 are required to play the Vercors Campaign. The Air Pack is also recommended, although not strictly necessary to play this particular campaign.

This post is also available in: French, German

5 Responses to “Memoir ’44 Vercors Campaign – Free!”

  1. Lord Nibbler says:

    Will this be provided to those players that have pre-ordered the Sword of Stallingrad?

  2. Jesse says:

    If you look over at the Memoir ’44 Forum, you’ll see that it does! That’ll be one nice little package when it comes…

  3. Jesse says:

    Correction: It says that this free Campaign will be included with the pre-order right here in the announcement, not on the Forum. Check the paragraph just below the picture.

  4. Ron Howard says:

    I’ve just pre-ordered the Sword of Stalingrad! I can’t wait to get both the overlord scenarios and now the Vecors Campaign!! Thanks for the Christmas present DoW!

  5. Josh says:

    Wow I got lucky. Ive wanted to get a second command deck for awhile I’m glad I waited until now to finally buy it

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