Small World just got more crowded

As if there weren’t enough powerful rivals, hell-bent on taking control of your Small World territories! Two new mini-expansions are bringing exciting new races and Special Powers to Small World. Cursed! And The Grand Dames of Small World feature the winners of this summer’s Small World Design Contest.

Dark forces are at work in the new Cursed! expansion. It introduces 2 powerful races – Kobolds & Goblins; as well as 5 new Special Power badges – Cursed, Hordes of, Marauding, Ransacking & Were-.

The Grand Dames of Small World contains 3 new Race banners and their tokens. And if you expect the Gypsies, Priestesses & the ghostly White Ladies to exhibit only a demure feminine side, you are making a big and perhaps lethal mistake. These ladies are out for blood! The Grand Dames expansion does show its conciliatory side with 2 new Special Power badges – Historian & Peace-Loving.

You can learn more about both at the Small World Expansions webpage.

Cursed! and The Grand Dames of Small World are only $10/€8 per expansion and will debut this week at the Essen Fair in Germany, and are also available to pre-order at the Days of Wonder Web Store. In Europe they are expected to ship and be in stock at your local game store around October 30. In the US, they are expected to ship November 25th. Order yours today!

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