Announcing – Ticket to Ride World Championship!

Win the Trip of a Lifetime!

It’s Ticket to Ride’s 5th anniversary, and to celebrate Days of Wonder is throwing a year long party and you are invited! Announcing the Ticket to Ride World Championship – a series of tournaments to find out who is the best Ticket to Ride player and crown the first World Champion!

At this party, we’re the ones bringing all the gifts. In total over $50,000 worth of prizes will be awarded, including… the World Championship Grand Prize – an unforgettable trip for two on the legendary Orient-Express luxury train from London to Venice.

Through early 2010, regional Qualifying tournaments are being held in participating countries to determine the top Ticket to Ride players. Those tournament winners will earn a coveted, Gold-plated Ticket to Ride Scoring Marker and be invited to play in their National Championship events in North America (both US and Canada), France, Germany, UK, Spain, Benelux countries and Poland. Qualifiers who attend the National Championship will be reimbursed a portion of their travel costs.

Win your National Championship and your prizes include:

  • Travel and hotel accommodations for your trip to Paris in June of 2010 to compete for the World Championship.
  • A boxed set of 45 Gold-plated Ticket to Ride Trains (only available for National Champions!)
  • An impressive National Championship Trophy

Once in Paris, you’ll compete against 7 other champions for the right to wear the crown of Ticket to Ride World Champion, to proudly show off your World Championship Trophy and take that amazing Grand Prize trip on the Orient-Express!

To enter, you must reside in, or be a citizen of, the country where the qualifying tournament is being held. (Unfortunately we are unable to hold Championships in every country or region. We hope to add addition countries to the Championships in future years.) You must also be registered with Days of Wonder Online. You can visit the New Player Signup Page to create a new account if you don’t already have one.

Take the first step on your way to Ticket to Ride fame and the chance to win the trip of a lifetime. Sign-up now for a local Qualifying Tournament. Visit the Ticket to Ride World Championship Page to learn more. Click on the National Championship link for your country or region to view the tournament listings that you may want to enter and read a description of the tournament format. We will continue to post additional Qualifying tournament over the next weeks and months, so if there is currently not a tournament near  you, check back frequently to see if one has been added.

For the official Championship rules and a complete listing of the prizes, download the Official Ticket to Ride World Championship Rules.

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4 Responses to “Announcing – Ticket to Ride World Championship!”

  1. Jesse Rasmussen says:

    Wow! The good times just keep on rolling with Days of Wonder. First a great competition for Small World and now an amazing tournament for TTR!! Great work everyone!

  2. Hee, sounds like a fun tournament. Might have to make sure I pop-in to play it in another game store.

  3. Any chance to hold a online qualifiquation (via ToR Online or Xbox360) for the smaller countries that obviously never gonna get a qualifiquation round ever?

    (Talking about the very small country of Sweden here) ^^

  4. Eric Hautemont says:

    Yes, this is something we might consider in the future – but not this year -. We’re busy enough as it stands and would like to make sure the first edition runs smoothly as is first.

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