The Envelope Please…

If 1 Winner is good, then 3 or 4 must be even better, especially when the winners are this much fun. The Small World Design Contest generated some truly first rate entries. So good, that we abandoned our original plan of awarding a single Grand Prize and instead we’re honoring 4 designs: 3 Grand Prize winners and 1 Special Award; plus we’re also awarding an additional 9 Secondary prizes.

Without further ado, we present the winners of the Small World Design Contest…

Special Prize Winner:

  • Laurent Verrier of France – Tales & Legends of Small World

This unique design was so impressive that we’re publishing it in 2010 as a separate expansion.

3 Grand Prize Winners:

  • Jörg Krismann of Germany – White Ladies & Kobolds
  • Paolo Mori of Italy – Cursed
  • Jason Oman of Australia  – Priestesses

Each Grand Prize Winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to Essen Germany for the debut of the new Small World Expansions that their designs appear in.

9 Secondary Prize Winners:

  • Gustav Åkerfelt of Finland (Goblins)
  • Philip Harding of Australia (Were-)
  • Leif Steiestol of Canada (Hordes of)
  • Daniel Zielinski of USA (Marauding)
  • Travis Lauro of USA (Ransacking)
  • Clay Blankenship of USA (Gypsies)
  • Blaise Hanczar of France (Peace-Loving)
  • Mike Haverty of USA (Historian)
  • Michael Ormesher of UK (Leaders)

Each Secondary Prize winner will receive complete published sets of their work and €100 or $150 in cash.

You’ll find additional details on the upcoming Small World Mini-expansions that these winning entries will be a part of in a separate blog entry.

All of us at Days of Wonder offer our congratulations to all the winners and a big thanks to all the Small World fans who took the time to create and submit their designs.

This post is also available in: French, German

5 Responses to “The Envelope Please…”

  1. Jesse Rasmussen says:

    Congratulations to the winners!! I look forward to playing Small World with your additions.

  2. John says:

    По-моему, у Вас украли эту статью и поместили на другом сайте. Я её уже видела.

  3. Lord Nibbler says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. Enjoy the Spiel and Essen.

  4. Aaron Kreader says:

    Very excited to see the winning results! Great job winners.

  5. Hans says:

    Congratz everybody. Looking forward to your work.

    Just a bit of difference for a pricewinner from Germany or Australia to go to Essen ….

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