Small World Mini-Expansions!

The winning entries from the Small World Design Contest have been announced (see The Envelope Please…) and will be published in a series of Small World Mini-Expansions.

The Grand Prize and Secondary Prize winners will be released in 3 different Small World mini-expansions this year.

The first two expansions will debut at Essen.

The Grand Dames of Small World will feature Priestesses, White Ladies, and Gypsies, along with Historian and Peace-loving Special Powers.

Cursed! introduces the Kobolds and Goblin races along with 5 Special Powers: Cursed, Hordes of, Marauding, Ransacking, and Were-.

Both of these Small World mini-expansions will be available for sale at Essen and shortly thereafter from the Days of Wonder webstore and in game stores around the world for the MSRP of $10/€8.

One of the Secondary Prize winners, Leaders of Small World, is a special game play option that players can choose when picking a new Race/Special Action Combo.

The Leaders expansion will be sent free of charge, as a thank you to all those who submitted an entry in the Small World Design Contest. Small World fans worldwide who did not enter the contest will also be able to get a copy exclusively from in November for a small shipping and handling fee.

The Special Prize winning entry – Tales & Legends of Small World – will be published as a separate expansion in 2010.

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7 Responses to “Small World Mini-Expansions!”

  1. Swall Morld says:

    I submitted a design for the competition but did not hear anything from “Days of Wonder”… did anyone else get a confirmation/commiseration e-mail or anything? Just wondering if I will definetly get the Leaders expansion.

  2. Eric Hautemont says:

    We have not/are not sending confirmation e-mails, but if you submitted an entry into the competition, you will receive the Leaders expansion when it comes out. This will be done automatically, please do not e-mail us to enquire about this. And congrats again for participating.

  3. Lord Nibbler says:

    Great stuff, Looking forward to expand SW

  4. Russell Ahlstrom says:

    In regards to receiving the free expansion if we submitted a design idea, we’ve just recently move to a new address. Can I contact anyone to update my information?

  5. I partecipated to the contest and I’m very happy to receive the leader expansion! Very thanks!!
    I would like to buy the two mini expansion too, can you put them into the same envelope? 🙂

  6. boxcarsquatter says:

    Looks like it’s finally time to get a new storage tray. Excellent work, DOW! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Smallworld!

  7. Eric says:

    Yes, Russell just contact our customer service via the Contact us info on our Company page and they will update your mailing information.

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