Small World in US stores on April 22!

Small World, the highly anticipated new fantasy civilization game will be available at North American retailers and from the Days of Wonder webstore beginning April 22. Spirit-Trolls, Diplomat-Orcs and Commando-Amazons everywhere are rejoicing in anticipation!

Visit the Small World webpage to learn more about the game or the Days of Wonder webstore to pre-order.

3 Responses to “Small World in US stores on April 22!”

  1. Larry Fitzkee says:

    I pre-ordered this game from DOW when will it be shipped?

  2. Mark says:


    You should get it at roughly the same time as its available in the stores.


  3. CP Staley says:

    Awesome! So it will probably leave DoW before the 22nd for the pre-orders to arrive around the 22nd! Great news! Love that it is coming early, I’ve been looking forward to this one….

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