Memoir ’44 Battle Map Volume 2: Tigers in the Snow

Here comes the second installment in the Battle Maps Series!

The Tigers in the Snow expansion features 2 large-scale ready-to-play Overlord Scenarios, 6 Tiger Tanks miniatures and 2 bonus scenarios.

Tigers in the Snow is a Winter scenario set on the Eastern Front and features the tactics of famed German Panzer General Guderian; while Operation Market Garden focuses on General Montgomery’s bold attempt to drop Allied troops behind German lines in the Netherlands. The Market Garden scenario is fought on a unique 11-hex deep map, specially designed by Memoir ’44 author Richard Borg for the occasion.

The Battle Map series is designed to encourage team play and accommodates up to 8 players; each map comes ready-to-play with all terrain, obstacles and unit positions pre-printed, making set-up a snap. Battle Map Volume 2 includes 6 new Tiger Tank miniatures and 2 additional bonus scenarios that are playable on a regular Memoir ’44 board – Villers-Bocage and St-Aignan-de-Cramesnil.

Memoir ’44 Battle Map Volume 2 requires 1 copy of Memoir ’44 and the Operation Overlord expansion, or two full copies of Memoir ’44 to play. It is expected to be available in May in both North America and Europe. Retail price is $18/€16.

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5 Responses to “Memoir ’44 Battle Map Volume 2: Tigers in the Snow”

  1. Cirone A says:

    Oh man… they keep coming out with cool stuff, and I am behind already. This one look more interesting than the first battle map too.

  2. SirKirby says:


    But it’s a shame you couldn’t have picked up on a great idea from the forums: having the two sides of the map as a linked “campaign”.

  3. Cantata says:

    So where’s the pre-order link? I’m ready to add my support for this one! The Tiger tanks are pretty cool, looking forward to fighting with them.

  4. Sniperscout says:

    Another great expansion

    The Memoir 44 game system ………it just gets better and better

  5. Mark says:


    The pre-orders will become available sometime in early April. I don’t have the specific date yet, but we will notify everyone once they are available.

    Days of Wonder

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