M44 Campaign Book available March 11 in US

For Memoir ’44 fans, the battle is definitely heating up – the new Campaign Book expansion is almost here! US game stores will have the Campaign Book available for sale on Wednesday, March 11 and most stores in Europe will also have their copies by next week.

With 51 new scenarios and 3 different Theaters of Operation – the early word on the Memoir ’44 Campaign Book is BIG!

“I can’t begin to wrap my arms around the elephantine offering that is the Campaign Book. The number of new scenarios is huge, and the ways that they both combine into larger campaigns and change with each play should provide any Memoir fan with months worth of new playing material.”

– W. Eric Martin – BoardGameNews

So your marching orders are clear. Double-time down to your local game store and get equipped for the big battles by getting your copy of the Memoir ’44 Campaign Book.

For those who have pre-ordered directly from the webstore, your orders are being shipped later this week to arrive at your door at the same time.

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