Giants – Walk a mile in my shoes…

Giants - Walk a mile in my shoes...

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11 Responses to “Giants – Walk a mile in my shoes…”

  1. Spyros says:

    Ok, after 8 days it does start to be annoying…
    Oh and don’t forget we didn’t see the Dwarves yet….

  2. Xanthos says:

    I’m still liking the gradual release. Each little one is a little more information about what the game will be. And even more so gives some of the flavor of the art and humor that seems to be in the game. I am interested in hearing what it is finally though. I think we end up concentrating on each image more by having one per day.

  3. Arne says:

    It would be great if they started showing us some in game material.
    A card, dice, board, figurine, … and if possible a title, so that we don’t have to say “the new one of DoW” anymore.

  4. John N says:

    I am loving these teasers. It’s to the point that people at my work ask me each day what the new teaser is. Definitely hope for a big box game. I have been vocal about definitely not just a card game. Keep em coming for another week. It does not annoy me!

  5. Andrea says:

    Love the teaser! Every day I check a new creature! (it’s funny the man under the giant’s shoe)

  6. Kevster says:

    Another good teaser. Im also hoping for a big box game. Only seems right for this much hype. Looking forward to more info. I hope its not a Clout clone. The circles behind all the races arw making me a bit nervous about that. But i think this will be good!

  7. Zasdert Ultun says:

    I think that the teasers are great, though they are starting to become predictable. Its pretty clear its a fantasy game. I originally thought each player would be in charge of a colony of one creature, but eight seems a lot know, and some are too similar. Maybe the goal is to fight through all these creatures in a series of tasks…

  8. Andrew Scar says:

    Does anyone else think this artwork looks alot like an old card game called “Guardians”. It had art by Ploog, Maitz, Parkison and others. The artwork here has a similar look.

  9. aslskfan says:

    This should say “Walk a Mile Under My Shoes!”. 🙂

  10. Daniel Brown says:

    I guess my hope is this is DoW does Magic Realm kind of game. Something that has a fun fantasy theme that I can teach my family (DoW) but has lots of replayability and depth (Magic Realm). My family and I have enjoyed all the big box games and I have no reason to believe that we will not enjoy what every they make next. Another hope I have is that these previews are not too soon in the process and that when they announce the game it doesn’t say “In stores Fall 2009”.

  11. Mendoza says:

    Hope it’s not not another boring CollectibleCardGame. Please tell me it isn’t!!!

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