Elves – Spring is in the air!

Elves - Spring is in the air!

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9 Responses to “Elves – Spring is in the air!”

  1. stmountain says:

    what comes next … dwarves

  2. Grudunza says:

    Yeah, at this point it seems to be a new version of Wizard Kings.

  3. Beowulf says:

    Gorgons. With cute little snakes for hair.

  4. Not Buying says:

    DOW marketing folks:

    “Intriguing” is one thing … “annoying” is quite another.

  5. ettgor says:

    I like the teasers, but I hope this is the last one. It better be a great game to tease us like that. Anyway the art looks nice, but the elf looks a bit gay.

  6. Joszti says:

    Gay elves…. mmm, might be an interesting game 😉

  7. 2fat4me says:

    This way, it appeals to both straight and gay guys. The straight buy for the amazons and the gays buy for the elves! Yay! Marketing to a 2009 audience!


  8. Justin says:

    The teasers are fine as long as the game is a nice big box game and not a card game. If its up to the standards of TtR, Pirates cove and Collosseum, I’ll be happy.

  9. Joszti says:

    And don’t forget Memoir and Shadows over Camelot, both terrific looking games and much fun to play 😉

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