Wizards – Light my Fire!

Wizards - Light my Fire!

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9 Responses to “Wizards – Light my Fire!”

  1. PaulW says:

    AAAKKK. . . .come on guys you’re killing me. . . .quit the teasing. . . .what is all this?

  2. Boneman says:

    Ok, this is looking better and better. I predict more teasers before we see what this really is.

  3. Raviv says:

    Could it be a remake of Wiz-War ?

  4. Arne says:

    My prediction : Ticket to ride Fantasy 😉

  5. aslskfan says:

    A Heroquest remake?

  6. Spyros says:

    No-no it is ‘nt Wiz War. It is a Fantasy game about Blues and Rock songs, where you play Super Star wanabees… :P*

  7. romolli says:

    Mmmmh, first skeletons, now wizards…..something wicked this way comes. Waiting for tonight: Who may be the next one to be revealed? I vote for Atlantean Sea Turtle Warriors 😉

  8. Brel says:

    Looks like a Diablo-type RPG board game DOW style. Maybe in line with Prophecy, Talisman, Return of the Heroes, etc. but with a hint of comedy. 😛

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